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In the Face of Money Printing, Chinese Consumers Stop Spending

Due to the trade war, the Chinese have turned to quantitative easing to solve the problem. China now faces a population who has reduced spending (or may be unable to) at the gain of industries who are expanding quickly and exporting aggressively. This article explains it all.

Mexican Stand-Down: The Trump-Mexico Deal

President Trump has threatened to place tariffs to Mexico in another bid to curb rampant illegal immigration from the southern border, and a deal was quickly made between the U.S. and Mexican governments to stop both the tariffs and border-jumping; not yet signed, but likely so. It seems a second trade war win for President Trump is imminent. This article will explore the mindset of Trump, as well as the potential effects of a tariff, and the victims of illegal immigration.

The Rise of Modi: Indian Election 2019

The election of Modi to Prime Minister of India, as well as the rise of his party to a second consecutive win, has many people concerned. Modi is often called a populist, far-right leader, nationalist, or racist. This article will outline who he is; what he represents; the conditions in which he arose; what he promises to do; what he has already (or already failed to get) done; and what we can expect from this ‘man of reform’.

The Blood of Trade: Advantages of One Belt One Road for China

As China continues on One Belt One Road, we must understand why they are doing so. This article outlines the following advantages: to protect their currency, to expand their markets, to move away from the West, to prepare for the future, to help developing countries, to import raw materials, to create a new diplomatic system for China, to provide employment for Chinese workers. This project is the most important project President Xi is undertaking for Chinas’ future.